Monday, 11 October 2010

Leon and I go for a walk and find... BatDuck?

Took advantage of a lovely October day by having a long walk with The Boy

Slitten Gorge. Sounds sinister. I'm lucky enough to live 2 minutes away from some great places like this.

The Boy, Leon. With umpa-lumpa hair today. This is the site of Slitten Gorge mill. Now it's a little fenced off area. Nice and safe but a little loud because of rushing water sound. The yellow phone goes everywhere.

But, what's this? Hard to see from here, but it looks like... no, it can't be...

It IS! It's BatDuck. Stuck in a muddy puddle. Little wonder the crime rate has been so high around here lately. Hope he finds a way out.

I had forgotten all about these.

Acrylic pantings wot I dun years ago. Recorded here for posterity now that I have closed my DeviantArt account.

A naked lady (it's Courtney Love btw)

This is OK. I ran out of black paint halfway through and tried to fudge it with a lower quality paint. You can see how much of a mistake that was under the planet on the left.

A skull. The only one that didn't get consigned to the bin. Was displayed in Manchesters Afflecks Palace for a few years. The girlfriend won't let it go up in the house so it's under the bed 'til I put my foot down.

Oh, I don't know. Waves or something. Stormy sea? Not sure.

I used to really enjoy painting, regardless of the quality. But I rarely get the time any more. Something to keep in mind for my retirement maybe.