Monday, 20 September 2010

Car Boot

I'm thinking of having a T-shirt printed. It will be my special Sunday morning T-shirt. I shall puff out my chest and wear it with pride. It will be black (for what other T-shirt colours are there?!) with white writing on and it will spaketh thusly.


Actual conversation I have every week.

"Hi, how much is your X"
"30 quid"
"Really? Ok then. bye."
"It's going for 50 on ebay"
"You should sell it on ebay, then"
"Cant be doing with the hassle."

It's simple. If you think you will get more for it on ebay... sell it on ebay. But this is a car boot sale, bucko. And I expect to pay car boot sale prices. And, come 12 o clock (or 10p time, as I like to call it), I expect that grotty PS2 with groove gunk, 3rd party controller and scratched copy of Donald Duck: Quack Attack to be reasonably priced at £3. Because, honestly, what the fuck are you going to do with it? You'll take it home, put it back under the kids bed, THEN light up and start puffing even more fag smoke on it so that when you drag it back to Bowlers (the car boot of choice) next sunday you can set off the smoke alarms with your foul piece of consumer electronics.

Having said that, I actually had a pretty good visit to the boot sale on sunday. Full set of Yu Gi Oh Shonen Jump graphic novels (around 30 in all, great condition) for £4. I felt bad haggling her down from £5. It felt petty because £5 was a really good price but, well it was way past 10p time so I thought I'd chance it. And the piece-de-resistance. Hold on to your hats, retro lovers. Amiga A1200 plus loads of games and extras. £7. Haggled down from £10. Follow link for real irony.

Hmmm... maybe I should rethink that Tshirt idea...


  1. Good work. £100! How long did you "test" the games for?

  2. about 30 seconds each. sold it for £80 by the way. CHING CHING!