Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My PS3 hates me. So I hate it back.

The 2 year old is asleep. Giving me approximately 2 hours of unfettered gaming delight. Here was the plan. Download and install Monkey Island: SE - approx. 20 mins.
Play Monkey Island: SE - approx 90 mins.
Wake boy up.
Have lunch.
Play the "Where's La-La" game.

BUT. Before I sign into PSN store, "A software update is required". Shit.
"Playback of BluRay 3D discs is now supported"
Do I have any BluRay 3D discs? No
Are there any worth owning? No
Do I have a 3D TV? No
How many years til I can afford a 3D TV? About a bazillion.
I've been sat here 5 minutes, typing, and the progress bar for pointless download is at 6%. Now, maths is my weak point but even I know that at this rate I will be able to download MI:SE in approximately a week.

Why, Sony?
Why can I not skip this download and be reminded of it when I slide a 3D BluRay disc in?
Why can it not download in the background?
Sony, you owe Ron Gilbert £7.99 because he's not getting it from me today.

While I'm ranting... that flimsy XMB isn't a patch on 360's dashboard.

And Sonys face is stupid.

...and so's its Mums.


  1. A huge part of the reason that you have to be updated to the most recent firmware is that they want to have control over your hardware.

    They wouldn't have any mechanism for forcing people to update to newer firmwares that remove features like Other OS and homebrew vunrabilities if they let you connect to PSN/PS Store on out of date firmware.

    It is bullshit, but apparently this is living tm.

  2. yeah, i know :( But, like The Phantom Menace, IT STILL HURTS!

  3. Horse poo. I remember the days of waiting f'in ages for the PSN downloads and what's with banning homebrew - don't they know there's a recession on!

    Hope that's all sorted out before I switch back to PS3.