Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Zero Magazine

My Dad is a legend. Many years ago while working as an aeroplane mechanic he, at my request, took one of my joysticks to work, placed it in the engine of a bloody big 'plane and took a picture of it. I don't remember if he complained or had to be convinced or told me to grow up but he did it. All so I could get my name into the greatest magazine of my youth, Zero. Here is the result.

I make a vow now that if my son ever asks me to do something ridiculous in the name of gaming I will say yes without hesitation. Cheers dad.

The other casualty of my Zero fanboyism was my sister.

Cheers, Key. x

Oh, incidentally... I still have the rest of the issues (even a couple from when it went shit) and if it was still in print I would STILL be trying to get a Zero Tshirt.

I miss how excited I was about games in 1991. Only recently, with XBL and PSN am I beginning to feel those stirrings again. I guess I'm a retro junkie at heart. I'm off to Ebay to find issue 8 (Elvira cover). Luck me.


  1. haha i had forgotten about the joystick thing and the invisible man .its the little things in life that count !!!!

  2. I bet you're not cool enough to have been in a magazine. That's what I bet.