Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A quick plea

This came through my door today. It's issue -1 (thats minus one) of Zero magazine. I'm a fairly serious collector of old video game magazines and was a big Zero fan (as previous posts will attest) but this has me stumped.It's only 16 pages long, has no price point (it says FREE) or barcode. This must have been distributed in some way prior to issue 1, but how? Was it included as a freebie in a different Dennis Publishing magazine? Was it a WH Smith counter hand-out or pick-up? If anyone can shed any light on this I would be extremely grateful as, from a completist point of view, I would like to try to find the original publication that this may have been free with.
Also, "Issue minus one" suggests that there may be an Issue 0?
Again, any info would be awesome.


  1. thanks to everyone who emailed... i'm getting closer.

  2. ...and? What's the answer? What have you found out?

  3. Does this elp?


  4. for some reason i've had 7 (seven!) emails stating that the free issue came in The One magazine. It didnt. The One was Emap. Zero was Dennis. I suppose figuring it out gives my life some purpose. That amiga mag site is good. If i had the patience i would send in some scans to help them fill in some gaps.

  5. Possibly Your Sinclair. Will have answer by end of the day with new, celebratory, blog post tomorrow, I'm sure.

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